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Light Side Course

This is a 7-week part-time course to help dental professionals overcome stress and burnout in order to live a more successful and balanced life.

Learn at your own pace with on-demand videos and join the community for live weekly zoom sessions. All live videos will stay in the community for future reference so you can learn at your own pace. 

✔ Ten, yes you read that right, 10 CE credits - because managing stress and a healthier life makes you a better clinical dentist

 7-week mental health course with dentist and international speaker, Dr. Kyle Stanley starting January 2021

 Access to our private community where you will be able to interact with other dental professionals who understand your struggles

✔ Workbooks to help guide you in getting clarity with action tasks, templates, clinical note examples, and treatment agreements

 Weekly live Q&A with Dr. Kyle Stanley to get a deeper understanding of the course with added content

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"I loved the Lightside course! Leader, Dr. Kyle Stanley has taken what has been considered taboo in our profession and opened up avenues to reshape the mindset of dentists. Dr. Stanley has the uncanny ability, not only to speak on our level, but present research to aid in our growth out of depression and into freedom from stress and anxiety. This course is laid out in a way that is not condescending and allows for a deep soul-searching look into why I am the way I am. This course will change your life."
General Dentist - Texas 
"I have been honored to be part of Kyle’s inaugural series on Mental Health in Dentistry. This is such an important component of life as a dentist. It should be positioned at the forefront of our training with equal emphasis as our clinical training. Dentistry can be such a lonely profession at times, with all the responsibility pointing back at us. But it’s important to acknowledge that it’s not all about us, as some things are outside of our immediate control. Developing good communication and relationships is where we gather our strength as dentists to “fight back”!!!
The content and the structure of the course was well thought out and discussed how this can play out not only in our minds but our behavior and our clinics." 
General Dentist - New Zealand
 "The systematic and well-organized approach Dr. Stanley brings to the course engages everyone enrolled to want more and more. From lectures to discussions to homework and research, the class has it all!  From new grads to old-timers, the opportunity to engage and discuss daily problems with other dentists from around the world is truly unique."
General Dentist - California 

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This course is for YOU if:

You are feeling STRESS AND BURNOUT from the practice of dentistry.

You want a course that can FAST TRACK your start at a BETTER LIFE and dental career.

You are looking for a COMMUNITY that is able to relate to your problems and fully understand you.

You want to understand and minimize your stress.

You are looking for ACTIONABLE TASKS that will help IMPROVE your life.


You are doing amazing and want to do even better.

You want to AVOID stress in the future.

You want to limit your liability during the practice of dentistry.


This course is NOT for you if: 

If your life is PERFECT

You are here just for CE credits. 



Course participants will receive 10 PACE approved continuing education units for their participation in Light Side. CE units will be provided by Paramount Dental Studio who employs 40%+ veterans and are big supporters of mental health both in dentistry and the military.  

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